Wellesley, MA Gold and Silver Coins, Bullion, and Bars – Invest Locally

Investment precious metals in Newton, MA

MetroWest Precious Metals, located in nearby Wayland, MA is a trusted local source for investment grade precious metals. Unlike online dealers, we encourage our clients to set up a meeting with us. We are local businessmen who are active gold and silver investors. We take pride in educating our clients about investing in precious metals, specifically gold and silver, platinum and palladium.

Local Storage Options, Local Delivery, Local Knowledge

If you live in Wellesley you now have the option of being able to visit our local office to make precious metals transactions in person, or we can facilitate transactions over the phone. You can choose to take possession of your physical precious metals in our office, or we can arrange for delivery.  In addition to assisting with home storage, we also offer a number of local storage options for your precious metals.

Investment Grade Precious Metals from Around the World

MetroWest gurantees competitive prices and expert personal advice. You can avoid anonymous online brokers, uncertain shipping, and the hassle of figuring out your storage options. MetroWest offers:

  • Gold and Silver American Eagles
  • US Gold Buffalos
  • Gold and Silver Canadian Maple Leafs
  • South African Krugerrands
  • Gold and Silver Austrian Philharmonics
  • Gold and Silver Australian Kangaroos
  • Gold and Silver Bullion from private mints
  • Gold and Silver Coins and Bars from world renowned mints
  • Fractional Gold coins including British Sovereigns, French Francs, and Mexican Pesos
  • United States Pre 1964 90% Silver Coinage and 40% Silver Coinage
  • Pre 1933 Coins including $20 Saint Gaudens and much, much, more!
Traditional IRA’s, Self-Directed IRA’s, and Loans Against Your Holdings

MetroWest has teamed up with reputable financial companies to offer the flexibility of both traditional IRA’ and self-directed IRA’s with checkbook control.  We also can arrange for borrowing against your precious metals assets.

Professional and Novice Investors – We are Your Local Solution

If you are wondering how to buy gold and silver for the first time,  or you are a seasoned precious metal investor, you now have a local option.  Call us and request a personal consultation in our Wayland, MA office.

A safe, convenient, and discreet way to invest in your future.

The city of Newton, Massachusetts