MetroWest Precious Metals, LLC in Wayland, MA

We are Jonathan Buchman and Michael Rothschild, two local businessmen and investors who have been investing in the physical precious metals markets for the last several years on behalf of ourselves, our friends, and our families. Due to the success of the program and constant inquiries about how to acquire and store precious metals we finally decided to expand what we were already doing to a broader audience and MetroWest Precious Metals, LLC was born.

We have run other successful businesses in areas including industrial, commercial and residential construction, and also construction equipment leasing, sales, and service.  We also continue to run successful real estate investment and development companies and also act as commercial property landlords. While real estate is in our blood there are few other industries that have struck the same chord until we found the precious metals market. After an extensive review of the local marketplace we determined that there was a void in this industry that we would fill.

We simply could not find another precious metals dealer in the MetroWest area of Greater Boston who could offer an in-person, discreet, comfortable venue in which to complete sales transactions. At MetroWest Precious Metals, we possess a deep understanding of all facets of owning precious metals including the importance of storage and we enjoy taking the necessary time to share that knowledge with our clients in a relaxed and private setting.

In these times of economic uncertainty, investing in precious metals can give you peace of mind while providing an effective hedge to global currency debasement.  This is a decision that needs to be approached in a patient, thoughtful manner to ensure it meets your specific investment objectives. Whether you are looking to buy or sell physical precious metals we will take the time to determine you are making a decision that best meets your long-term goals.