Diversify your IRA into precious metals safely and easily!

MetroWest Precious Metals is making it easy for you to invest a portion of your IRA (Individual Retirement Account) into physical precious metals, including gold, silver, platinum and palladium. Financial experts have long recommended placing 10% of your funds into physical precious metals. We have chosen two of the leading IRA custodians who specialize in precious metals, GoldStar Trust Company and New Direction IRA, to help you execute this move in a simple, straightforward manner.

GoldStar Trust Company

1401 4th Avenue
Canyon, TX  79015
Toll Free: (800) 486-6888

New Direction IRA

1070 W. Century Dr.
Louisville, CO  80027
Toll Free: (877)  742-1270

To set up a precious metals IRA, follow these steps:
  • Pen an account with one of the IRA administrators above. Fill out the required forms and follow the specific directions of the company you have chosen.
  • Fund the new IRA account with funds from a rolled over IRA or new annual IRA contribution with the custodian you have chosen.
  • Contact MetroWest Precious Metals after the funds are in place to make a trade and lock in a price for any of the items that are acceptable for IRA accounts.
  • Notify the custodian that the order has been placed and instruct them to transfer the funds to us. We will execute the trade and send out a confirmation that the trade has been placed and the funds have been received.
  • Send the metals for storage to one of the depositories utilized by the IRA custodian and you will get a further confirmation once they’ve arrived.
  • MetroWest Precious Metals does not recommend any specific gold or silver IRA custodian. Please do your own due diligence and interview those that you feel will best suit your needs.
  • If you have any questions, or need assistance, please contact us at
    508-276-1568, or

Self–Directed IRA’s with checkbook control

It is easy to take your Self Directed IRA to the next level!
  • Take complete control of your IRA funds.
  • Invest these funds in any asset class you choose, including segregated precious metals stored in a depository.
  • Have the additional benefit of protecting your IRA with and LLC.

Converting your IRA into a Self Directed IRA is actually quite simple. We have organized a team of professionals in the industry to help our clients through this process. The first step is to set up an LLC in the State of your choice. Upon establishment of the LLC, an independent third party custodian is engaged to receive any IRA or Roth IRA funds being used to fund the account. You then direct the Custodian to purchase membership interests in your new LLC and the funds are transferred to a new bank account in the name of the LLC. That is all there is to it and now you have direct access and control over how to invest your retirement assets. There are certain small fees associated with establishing the entities, along with annual reporting procedures that must be followed. There are also strict IRS guidelines as to the types of investments one can make, so it is important to set up the infrastructure to meet these requirements. Once this is taken care of the rest is straightforward.

If you are interested in finding out more about the process and how to truly take control of YOUR retirement funds please call MetroWest Precious Metals, LLC today at 508-276-1568